The Thaden Difference

Our Faculty

The quality of our educational program resides in the expertise of our teaching staff. All of our educators, recruited from the region, state, and across the country, bring to our campus a passion for and mastery of the subjects they teach and demonstrated ability to inspire and mentor young people, both inside and outside of the classroom. This commitment to students and to the classroom experience, coupled with ongoing opportunities for professional development, is a distinguishing feature of the Thaden faculty.

Our Curriculum

Our core curriculum empowers students to think ethically, critically, and creatively about global issues and their local manifestations. With the support and guidance of our faculty, Thaden students develop the skills to build coherent, compelling, and innovative arguments. Through independent and collaborative work, they are encouraged to see connections among the humanities, sciences, and mathematics as integrative disciplines in the search for knowledge, meaning, and beauty.

Our trimester calendar gives teachers more opportunities to diversify their offerings and innovate with new subjects and teaching methods. Of course, a subject that cannot be effectively covered within a single trimester can still be offered across multiple trimesters in much the same way that certain subjects are offered for two consecutive semesters.  

For two weeks during the academic year, Thaden students alter their routine to work with faculty, fellow students, and community members – artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc. – to apply what they’ve learned to various projects of local and global significance. The possibilities for collaboration and immersive learning in Northwest Arkansas are endless, and these capstone projects – what we are calling Intensives – will allow teachers to model the investigative habits of mind essential to critical thinking.