At Thaden, we foster creativity, collaboration, and self-expression. Faculty inspire experimentation, encourage cultural awareness, and cultivate students’ artistic pursuits. Our world-class facilities and resources – from our art studio and soundstage in North Hall to our performing arts center opening in spring 2021 – provide space where creativity takes hold.

Thaden School’s arts department is multidisciplinary and increasingly comprehensive. We recognize the value of artistic expression in developing well-informed, empathetic arts advocates and creative contributors to society.

All students at Thaden enroll in arts classes that instill life-long appreciation for and commitment to the creative process. Through interdisciplinary engagement with music, painting, sculpture, drama, dance, and film, in addition to fields outside the arts, Thaden students learn to creatively explore and address complex social questions of today and tomorrow.

In spring 2021, we will open our performing arts center. Situated on the northwest corner of campus, this state-of-the-art facility will allow our students and faculty a space to both hone and showcase their developing craft. Upon opening, the performance hall and surrounding spaces will be available for use by the greater Northwest Arkansas community.