Sustainability is not only a global issue but one that is an important part of a Thaden education.

At Thaden, our mission states that a well-balanced curriculum empowers students to think ethically, critically, and creatively about global issues and their local manifestations.

  • 70% of our food waste is composted and the remaining 30% is upcycled (meaning that is consumed by animals including humans)
  • Overall food waste has decreased by 40% in the 2019-2020 academic year
  • Through the use of a geothermal heat pump system, we are reducing our release of carbon dioxide into the environment by 1,184 lbs/day
  • Over 40,000 water bottles have been diverted from landfill to date by using our water filtration system
  • More than 200 trees have been planted on our West Campus thus far
  • Reclaimed materials and structures are woven into the fabric of the school; the historic home of Louise McPhetridge Thaden is just one example
  • Sustainable landscaping creates biodiverse corridors on our campus and offer opportunities for students and teachers to appreciate and understand natural processes